Asset Managment

Coming of Age

Modern strategies supporting the growth of AUM.

Now is the time for your marketing to be as data, tech, and creatively driven as the investment side of your business.

is a leader in digital asset gathering. The firm is led by a former CIO and ETF designer. The team consists of strategists, creatives, data scientists, media specialists, and technologists.

We deliver: a clear, systematic, and effective process that supports your growth of new AUM.

The Right Formula

Getting the right offering to the right investor segment is not enough to achieve success in today’s marketplace. Fee compression is rampant. Market volatility is returning. Now, institutions, advisors, and individuals are less homogenous and require segmentation. Each of these audiences has different needs and motivations. Performance is a given, it takes more than that for significant assets to be allocated.

Demonstrating knowledge, experience, and trustworthiness to investors is as much science as it is art.

Few firms besides E5A have investment professionals writing and designing materials alongside ad and marketing professionals. These insights are not lost on our target audiences, or on our clients’ AUM win rates.

Our knowledge of asset gathering across channels is firsthand, derived from winning mandates and managing assets in funds, separate accounts, and productized vehicles such as ETFs and hedge funds.

We understand distribution and investors’ needs and motivations, and are redefining the role of marketing in winning new AUM.

It Starts with the Right Data

We target ads that can only be seen by people in our database.

Our data (read: advertising custom audiences) included:

  • Pension Funds and their consultants

  • Endowments and Foundations

  • Family Offices (SFOs and MFOs)

  • Financial Advisors

The latest news is in retail asset gathering.
Our breakthroughs in effectiveness have been proven against targeted, specialized, proprietary, agency-sourced datasets.

Imagine placing an ad on a website, or on social media with the full knowledge that no one can see it unless they fit our exact criteria. No wasted ad impressions, which means more conversions, in less time.

We are always expanding our data and have developed the 11 audience datasets above, exclusively for our clients’ use.

First-Party Data

  • Doctors / Dentists
  • Pilot’s License
  • Recently Sold a Business
  • PhD
  • MBA
  • Angel Investor
  • Small and Mid C-Suite
  • Recently Retired
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Pharmacists

We Know Your Prospects

Financial Advisors

From wires to independents, this highly sought-after group requires you to earn their trust. A position in their asset allocation models—on an advisor or firm level are the goals.

E5A can help you win their minds and AUM by creating a pipeline of advisors who are educated on your firm and its products. Simply put, we identify the tipping point at which financial Advisors indicate serious allocating interest and can identify them by name.

Direct to Retail

This is how most products launch. Our proprietary data
encompassing, mass affluent, accredited and qualified investors is further segmented into categories such as innovation, ESG, yield and more.

Most of them, despite having advisors—human or Robo—keep a portion of their investable assets self- directed. Data science is more effective with large datasets. This delivers investors who are smart about your products, and typically, without any human interaction.

Institutions and Their Consultants

Getting the right institutions and consultants to understand your investment thesis and process is how and where allocations are made. It requires deep, rich Thought Leadership, as well as the ability to both simplify
messaging for initial contact and, over time, add depth
and complexity to achieve a
thorough understanding. This can be accomplished at scale, resulting in new allocations.

Employee Populations and IRA Rollovers

You can’t fight demographics: 12,000 people are retiring every day, many of whom will maintain their 401k, and others who will roll to IRAs. Capturing their 401ks and new 401k allocations is key to maintaining and growing AUM. As employment levels remain robust and mobility continues, capturing 401k-to-IRA rollovers is also a source of sticky AUM.

Here’s how to get started.

E5A’s process maximizes the probability of success. It begins with matching our client with prospective investors’ data, verifying their story, and making sure all the relevant service providers are in place. From there, we commence a thorough onboarding process that minimizes your time and sets schedules, roles and responsibilities for check-ins, approvals, compliance, budget approvals, reporting, and cost of capital analysis.

Read our guide or contact us to learn more.

Andrew Corn, CEO
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