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Data science, strategic creative, programmatic media, deep industry knowledge, and first-hand experience combine to change the way asset managers gather AUM and companies raise capital.

A Systematic Approach

So much about life is timing. Being in front of prospects at the right time and place, equipped with the right message, in the right context, optimizes the journey, increasing the probability of success.

Data is everywhere.

Understanding how to analyze it, and make data-driven decisions
advances the prospect’s journey from random to a proven
process benefiting issuers and investors alike.

Our Own Data

E5A has spent the past two years developing an ever-growing, industry-leading investor data set.

We have created large-scale advertising data segmented by investor type, affinities, demographics, and specialty markers such as those with a propensity to invest in private deals, self-directed, and allocate to ETFs.

We also license or purchase datasets, always building on what we have, laser focused on our clients’ goals and outcomes.

This powerful targeting saves time, reduces wasted ad impressions, and increases our ability to control the cost of capital or new AUM.

Our clients’ success is our only focus.

Process, Process, Process

Establishing the right messaging foundation, enabling cross-channel, real-time reporting
guides our team toward the right media, messaging, and data. This process
enhances the E5A team’s ability to work both effectively and efficiently.

Having a process that is stable, repeatable, and scalable
enhances our ability to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our Focus

Asset Management

Winning new AUM is the lifeblood of every manager and product. As former asset managers and ETF designers, we have won assets directly from institutions, financial advisors, and retail investors.

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Real Estate

Hard assets that can deliver yield and growth are highly sought after by every level of investor.

We have raised capital across CRE, residential, and mortgage-backed offerings.

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Raising Capital

"Investor acquisition" is the key to success for Reg A+ and Reg D raises. E5A coined that phrase having supported raising an unparalleled amount of capital.

We are active members of this fast-growing ecosystem, committed to making private investing as common as investing in the public markets.

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E5A was founded to leverage data, messaging, and media to support investor acquisition to achieve capital raises and assets to manage. With a career spanning marketing, quantitative portfolio management, and advertising, our founder set out to design processes that leveraged the math of stock selection and transfer it back to investor acquisition. The firm has developed its own unique datasets aimed exclusively on investor acquisition.

The Internet and social media is vastly larger than the markets, which means the law of large numbers can help create a high probability for success. Optimizing data, media, and creative approaches for qualified issuers is our only business.

Our first-hand experience, process and proprietary data continue to place E5A into a category of its own.

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