Asset Gathering - Coming of Age

Now is the time for your marketing to evolve at the same pace of innovation and technology as the investment side of your business.

E5A is a leader in modern marketing for asset managers. The firm is led by a former portfolio manager and ETF designer, and is as process and data-driven as it is creative.

What we deliver: A clear, systematic, and effective process to grow AUM.

Our knowledge of asset gathering across channels is firsthand, and is derived from understanding the needs of investors and channels of distribution. We leverage our tech stack and digital marketing to achieve your goals, along with our deep investing experience, data management, Thought Leadership (on our client’s behalf), positioning and messaging.

Institutions and their Consultants

Differentiating your investment process takes work. It begins with targeting the right groups and pinpointing what content will engage them to “self-identify” their allocating interest. Having your investment process understood by the right group of institutions and consultants is how and where the allocation process accelerates. It requires deep, rich Thought Leadership, and the ability to both simplify messaging for initial contact and first meetings, and over time, add depth and complexity for thorough understanding. This results in gaining new allocations and consultants considering your strategy for more than just the mandate at hand.

Financial Advisors and their Gatekeepers

From wires to independents, this is a very sought-after group. Gaining their trust, and achieving entrance in their asset allocation models, on a firm level and advisor-by-advisor, is the ultimate goal. E5A can help to win their minds and assets. We can identify which advisors are interested in your strategy, based on their behavior and engagement. This optimizes wholesaler activity, maximizing productivity. It engages advisors at scale, creating a pipeline of advisors who are educated about your firm and its strategies. Simply put, we identify the tipping point when they indicate serious interest.

E5A’s Deliverable

Identifying which prospects are interested in allocating to your strategy this quarter.

Retail – we deliver investors directly into packaged products at scale.

E5A empowers asset gathering and opens new distribution channels with our proven methodology.

Why do Managers Allocate their Marketing Budgets to E5A?

  • Results / ROI
  • Systematic Process
  • Depth of Experience in both
    Marketing and Investing
  • Team Tenure

Accredited Investors

8% of U.S. citizens are accredited. This large and powerful group is sought after by wealth managers and directly by asset managers. We pinpoint them, and through attribution analysis, uncover affinities that make direct client acquisition achievable, at scale.

Mass Affluent

This is the largest sector of the data spectrum. These investors have different motivations and thus require segmentation and nuanced messaging. With a larger investor pool, there is also a larger opportunity to gain AUM, across products. Our proven process begins with targeting and brings investors to understanding the investment thesis, delivering assets typically without requiring human intervention.

Direct to Retail

E5A has deep experience marketing to mass affluent, qualified and accredited investors. Gaining conversions at scale digitally is one of our favorite assignments. Data science in large groups is the most effective which can result in our outperforming our goals under budget.

Our ease of engagement begins a new chapter in raising assets - Touching New Ground without Breaking It.


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