RAISING Real Estate Capital: The Evolution

Modernizing strategies to raise debt and equity capital.

The E5A methodology assists our real estate clients in raising a fund (private equity, REIT, ETF) or enlarging their circle of investors (individual deals). Our goals: achieve an efficient cost of capital and, over time, continue to reduce the time required to complete the raise.

Understanding investors’ needs and motivations is our welcomed challenge. As former portfolio managers, analysts, and ETF designers, we understand allocator and investor perspectives.

The old “ground game” of tapping into a group of long-time investors, or hiring a third-party marketing firm, broker-dealer, or investment bank to make use of their contacts is no longer necessarily the best option for capital raises—the cost of capital remains high and investor relationships frequently remain with the capital raisers.

Calling your best 200 contacts worked well in the past, and in some instances remains the best method. Today, however, E5A can reach a highly curated selection of your target investors—institutions, advisors, qualified and accredited investors, and the mass affluent—efficiently and effectively.

We target and directly reach out to precise investor targets at scale, engaging with them consistently. We craft messaging that is strategic, resonant, consistent, and systematically delivered.

This systematic, data-driven campaign approach identifies who is most engaged and interested, and then gently pushes data-identified prospects to become investors. In the case of institutions, we turn qualified prospect information over to you for direct contact. For larger audiences consisting of accredited investors or the mass affluent, our job is to bring them into a deal room or to encourage them to click the “Invest” button.

To be clear, when seeking professional investors, this isn’t just a warm lead. These are capital allocators who know who you are, believe you to be smart, and see your edge.

Scale and quality are not at odds with the right messaging, data targeting, and media.

The ease of engagement begins a new chapter in raising capital.

Getting Started
E5A’s process maximizes the probability of success. It begins with matching our client with prospective investors’ data, verifying their story, and making sure all the relevant service providers are in place. From there we commence a thorough onboarding process that minimizes your time and sets schedules, roles and responsibilities for check-ins, approvals, compliance, and media budget approvals.

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