Raising Capital

Raising Capital:
The Digital Raise Evolution

Modern strategies to raise debt and equity capital.

Today you can control your own capital raise. E5A can support your raise on your own website, building your own brand, having a direct relationship with your shareholders, and owning all of the data created during the campaign.

supports and guides issuers through the entire process, deeply engaging with your other service providers as one team.

Targeting the Right Investors
We help determine and identify your primary investor targets and create custom datasets at scale prior to launch.

Strategic Messaging
We craft messages aimed at acquiring investors, not selling products or services — our messaging elicits the “ah-ha” moment that gets prospects to invest. Our messaging ranges based on where in the “journey” each prospective investor is headed, nurturing trust, and supporting action.

Reaching Them Where They are - and When They are Ready to Invest
We develop an ever-optimizing media plan to present your message, nuanced by what stage of the “investor journey” each prospect is in. From national publications to Reels and YouTube, your message is where your prospects are most receptive.

Proprietary Data
Great messaging with a great media plan can be effective. Far more effective is not
advertising to everyone, but to proven audiences on those same websites and social media platforms. The ones who will invest in a private deal and have the means, affinity, and desire to do it. Starting in 2022, E5A developed it’s own proprietary datasets and we build additional custom ones for each new raise. This data is key to the success of our clients and is deployed to gain new relationships to nurture, and to close as investors.

E5A: A Leader in Modern Capital Raising

Our firm is led by a former Equity Portfolio Manager, ETF Designer, public company Chief Marketing Officer, agency CEO, and fintech entrepreneur who began his career crafting Initial Public Offering (IPO) roadshows for the clients of bulge bracket investment banks.

E5A has assisted in capital raises for innovative consumer products,
alternative energy, entertainment, real estate, and life science companies.

What each firm had in common beyond their Reg D or Reg A+ offering structure is a compelling story, an identifiable large data set (that we build) of prospective investors, and the ability to sustain a campaign. They are also working with a strong team of experienced service providers known within this ecosystem.

Our job is to assist and facilitate the raise at the lowest cost of capital. When E5A finds the right issuer, uncovers precise prospective investor data, and identifies efficient media to reach them, then success — in a reasonable timeframe and cost of capital — is highly probable.

All Investors (Reg A+)

Reg A+ projects have become special to us — we support our clients as they convert individuals, family trusts, and endowments (an occasionally formal institutions), into investors. Our inhouse datasets supercharge offerings as we build custom data for each raise. This combination of proprietary data and the ability to test and optimize messaging and media, have placed E5A in a category by itself.

Accredited to Institutional
Investors (Reg D)

E5A can mass market to accredited and qualified investors — similar to a Reg A+
offering, but with less paperwork (read:
compliance restrictions and audits).E5A also targets institutions and other
professional investors. These groups
require longer timeframes, and write much larger checks.

Systematic and Programmatic for all Offerings

We combine systematic, data-driven strategies with the intellectual honesty and discipline to test, measure, and constantly optimize our messaging, data, and media. Investors, in all circumstances, do not know we exist—all messaging comes from the issuer. The relationship is only between the issuer and investor.


  • Strategy for messaging, data targeting and media placement

  • Media planning, buying, optimization and reporting

  • Full creative execution

  • Leadgen, nurturing, and FOMO marketing

  • Data build

  • Dozens of evolving tactics

Complete Transparency
E5A does not charge media commissions. All placed media is paid directly. This puts E5A always on the same side of the table as our clients. All E5A prospecting data remains with E5A. All retargeting and investor data is the exclusive property of our clients.

Here’s how to get started.

E5A’s process maximizes the probability of success. It begins with matching our client with prospective investors’ data, verifying their story, and making sure all the relevant service providers are in place. From there, we commence a thorough onboarding process that minimizes your time and sets schedules, roles and responsibilities for check-ins, approvals, compliance, budget approvals, reporting, and cost of capital analysis.

Read our guide or contact us to learn more.

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T: 646.405.5850, ext. 1
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