Mar. 2017

Adding Math To Your Marketing: Happy Pi Day!

Some people told me that they’ve never heard of Pi Day until they had kids. I guess celebrating math wasn’t as big of a deal as it is today.

When I first started in marketing and advertising, I thought math was simple and primarily used when we handled direct marketing for financial, technology and a smattering of other firms.

It seems that I was wrong.

In fact, we used math to seamlessly create high-impact work for investor relations and publishing, cable, radio and broadcast clients.

Why math?

Qualitatively: the story about the company, station shows, articles, etc.

Quantitatively: visualizing the numbers behind the audience or the firm’s financials

In asset management, the story is the investment process–the quantitative, as I am so often made fun of saying internally-is the manifestation of the investment process (also known as performance).

Jump to 2004, as I was developing a multifactor model for stock selection. It worked well and we managed stocks (beat our benchmarks), designed indices tracked by ETFs (gained assets), and developed two hedge funds (even making profits for our clients in 2008).

Today, firmly back in marketing, the way we use math closely resembles the stock selection factor model.

Today, we leverage math to deliver our clients’ desired outcomes.

Our tools are deeper and more robust: predicative modeling, multifactor measurement and scoring, and optimization models for media and messaging. We are not managing money here, we are…MARKETING!

Today, we help companies, who are interested in growing, grow!

We help them acquire clients, investors, enterprise clients, or retail customers, either hyper-focused or at scale. Our tool set is phenomenally different than it was just five years ago. We deliver more accurately, and with a greater ROI.

Sit tight creatives, because storytelling hasn’t gone away. What has changed is that we can tell a more precise story, by knowing who we are pitching. The audience and messaging are optimized based on results and our predictive modeling indicates the path to increasing results.

Can we assist you? There is a high probability that we can.

Reach out or read one of our fact sheets to find out more.


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