Jul. 2021

Digital Marketing Associate

Our team seeks a Digital Marketing Associate who is both analytical and technically savvy. As we like to say, being technically adept and compulsively exacting are a couple of the keys to thriving here. Our mantra is test, measure, refine and optimize!

The purpose of this position is to manage the advertising side of projects—that means setting up ad campaigns in Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other ad platforms for our clients, optimizing them and scaling with success. It also means setting up and running email campaigns and coordinating the two. This includes standard email packages and leveraging outside services.

Digitally Savvy
You need to be capable of learning new SaaS applications, and are adept at Google Workspace as well as MS Office – Word/Excel/PowerPoint. Knowing basic HTML/CSS is a big plus. We would love to have someone who has their eyes open to new products.

Ad Management
We require expertise in Google Ads tracked with Google Analytics. These are the tools we use throughout our campaigns.We would prefer that you have a certification. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, TicTok are also near everyday tools. We are open to additional platforms to test.

We maintain our own and work querying numerous outside databases. Our goal is to query our way to the best prospects, segmenting along the way. So liking data is an attribute. Decent Excel skills are a must.

This position schedules and deploys numerous email campaigns, tracking them and reporting their results. We move HTML into email blasting software, so some knowledge of HTML is plus. We have programmers to help and teach as well.

With campaigns comes reporting both internally and to clients. So charting, Excel, and PowerPoint are required skills and Google Sheets.

Multitasking & Organizational Skills
The ability to manage multiple accounts and projects is a main requirement for this position.
Without a high level of organization, it will be impossible for you to manage projects. We need someone that is used to managing files, reporting, and data.

Please send cover letter and resume to acorn@e5aim.com

About the firm
E5A Integrated Marketing is a systematic, data-driven investor acquisition firm, which focuses on asset management, capital-raising, real estate, and revenue acceleration. E5A combines data science, strategic creative, programmatic media, deep industry knowledge, and first-hand experience to change the way modern companies raise capital, raise assets under management, and drive their businesses.

We are leaders in assisting with raising money through equity crowdfunding. We are not talking Kickstarter here—we mean raises ranging from $5 to $75 million. We work on a broad range of raises, including those involving clean energy, entertainment, new medical treatments, cutting-edge technology, and more. We also work on investment products of all kinds: cool, boring, and super useful ETFs (exchange traded funds). We hand-select our clients as often as they select us. We are an important part of a growing ecosystem.


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