Jan. 2018

I-C-O, You-C-O, We All Want to Do a CO

At the end of 2016, the aggregate market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined was $17.7 billion. But talk about growth; by the end of 2017, the combined market cap of all cryptocurrencies skyrocketed to $613 billion, representing a startling 3,300% increase.

The rise has spawned multiple industries and like in many of the previous gold rushes; some of the nimble entrepreneurs who make the picks, shovels, and support the miners may ultimately have the most stable and enduring businesses.

E5A has been engaged by two different firms to assist in the marketing of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). From the outside, it appears that the firms’ businesses, goals and approaches couldn’t be more different — but ultimately, they are more similar in structure and process than meets the eye. They both pass through E5A’s diligence and are positioned to do well by their investors or coin purchasers.

You see, we only accept a small percentage of clients who desire and can afford our services. We feel we have an obligation to the public, the crypto industry and the financial services industry. We employ these standards with Reg A+ and Reg D offerings, as well as the money managers and the numerous non-financial clients we represent.

Each ICO that we are working to help oversubscribe (the goal of every offering) is: a real company, has revenue, history, product or service, can afford our fees, and regardless of results, would be a growing, ongoing business (although we ALWAYS successfully raise the capital). Each of our ICOs has the coins backed by hard assets, meaning something tangible, such as real estate in one case.

These offerings are not “money of last resort” nor an easy road to riches. Each offering, from Reg D to ICO, is selling trust and faith. When we deploy our brand of data and messaging to raise capital, we want to understand the offering and ensure a high probability of success for the issuer (our client) and for the investors in the deal. E5A is never mentioned, has no fiduciary obligation, and does not have any regulatory requirement. We remain unknown but still feel strongly about representing strong companies with good intentions.

Ultimately, we work toward doing the right thing for the entire ecosystem. We believe that is how the industry will grow in size, credibility and become omnipresent.



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