Dec. 2015

Motivating Your Prospects to “Swipe Right”

We live in a world where with a moment’s glance, it only takes a simple swipe to the left or right to express a person’s perspective. You’re selected, or you’re not.

In this competitive world, most of our clients sweat every detail, regarding their top prospects, no matter how minor. Ultimately, they are unsure of who the final decision makers really are, who is truly influential, at what level, and how each of their personal criteria is really comprised.

We ask:
How closely is each prospect team member paying attention to all of those details?
Are you getting the big things right?
What are the sticking points that cause one of them to swipe right or left, keeping you in or out of real consideration

Although it is important to be meticulous in all aspects possible, it is easy to confuse the important issues, and overweigh the currently urgent ones. The best way to grab the attention of prospects and their decision makers is to focus on these milestones:

Impressions: Gradually consisting of you, the firm, the offering and its team.
First Contact: What exactly is success at a first meeting? What is the measurable goal?
The “aha” moment of recognition: The instant that prospects “get” why you do what you do. This is a critical achievement.
Creating desire to select your firm: The “aha” moves from comprehension to action.
Knowing how and when to close: Walking away with the signature and wire.

Four out of five of these points are determined by your brand and strength of communications. Relationship building is crucial, as are meeting expectations, but these are certainly not the only criteria. And frankly, without brand, each interaction getting closer to the close will get significantly more challenging.

Assessment of what is important to your potential, at more than one level, and closes business is critical to insights, because each time, you need them to swipe right. This is where many mini-decisions are made.

A Path Forward without Herculean Effort Every Time

A decision tree stands as an ideal solution to ensure that you remain on track. At E5A, we develop decision trees so that our clients have the ability to guide and respond to prospects no matter what the prospects chooses – every response (or lack thereof) has a path. Each response requires an action to keep prospects moving. Planning makes responses effective, situations manageable, and prospects feeling professionally handled.

It’s always a win, as all of this builds esteem, brand, or whatever label you would like to apply.

Everything we expose prospects to sets them on a path. Even when prospects close a window or fail to read our thought pieces, we take those choices into account, and our process provides the appropriate response.

Through a set of process designs, we can anticipate response, follow-up and most importantly, next steps. We can consider each and every choice that prospects can make, and if there is a well thought-out path for each of them to follow. At their own pace and level of interest, we can bring them to self-identification of interest, and you can lead them to the close.


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