Nov. 2013

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As an ad man that is a former equity portfolio manager my quest for knowledge and information can seem a bit voluminous at times. Everyone in the firm does link share, and together we cover a lot of topics. On a typical week our links range from ad and media tech, creative process, finance, retail and e-commerce, B2B trends to every sector and industry we do business. Yes, it is a lot of reading and sharing but well worth the investment. Today I want to share some of what we have recently found interesting.

Local Advertising Revenue Share Estimates, by Media Channel

We begin many of our campaigns locally and after testing scale them nationally. Total advertising spending on local media this year is estimated at over $132 billion.

B2B Marketers’ Primary Sources of Prospect Data and Customer Insights

This piece covers how B2B marketers do not trust their data. Accuracy is equal to understanding what the data means and how to optimize decisions for media selection, messaging and gaining scale.

Marketers Frustrated By Data, Stress Real-Time, Quantifiable Results

This is why data scientists (and former portfolio managers) are in such high demand in advertising and customer acquisition.

How Loyal Are Your Customers?

This research shows that bigger rewards generally inspire higher loyalty levels. However, loyalty programs do not guarantee loyal behavior. Indeed, having been an outsourced CMO for a credit card firm, and having worked in a wide variety of B2C, these programs are more than nuance and can really accelerate acquisition and retention or cause headwinds.

Average DC (at Fidelity) participant balance climbs to $84,300

The number is across ages and job types. The real news is it increased around 11% YOY. Most portfolios are balanced and do not capture the upside of the equity markets.

Around the World, Inflation Is Falling to Levels Not Seen for Years

There will be no Fed taper if inflation is deflating. This is a good read but scary. Deflation is not our friend and a major enemy of the Federal deficit.

AOL Bests Google As Top Web Video Property

Keep in mind this is a business article and it is about ad impressions. The numbers are staggering. Hearing AOL has the lead again in anything is news. Besting Google – wow.

Funded status of 10 large city pension systems

Read it and weep. Muni workers are in trouble as are tax payers. The government needs to address this sooner rather than later.

The final piece is one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for these graphics that show an overview of an industry. As the original graphic depicting the many firms the Boston Company spawned, and Adams and Reinhart which was the mother of investor relations. Here is content marketing.

Here’s The Entire Content Marketing World In One Bafflingly Complex Chart


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