Jul. 2014

This has been a busy first half and there is much to share.

As our departments (strategy, creative, data/audience targeting, media planning and buying, analytics, search strategy, social strategy, programming) each submitted their synopsis, we had a 17 page draft.

To spare you a long read we have curated a few interesting projects.

We represent a fascinating bioinformatics firm. Referred by an investment bank, just before their public offering, we participated in renaming the firm. We then took over the branding. They were on-boarded with our two day workshops on positioning and messaging, and touch-point mapping their multiple client (B2B) and customer (B2C) sets. We designed their identity; logo, letterhead, business cards, and investor factsheet. We developed a series of presentations and of course the centerpiece, their web site. This site, equipped with a complete content management system, is crafted for scientific, investor, client and media audiences.

The next phase is their consumer products. Here we reworked packaging and designed the consumer funnel –for two launch products with very different consumer segments. Our data targeting, media planning and creative mission is as much to establish the brand as it is to sell the product directly (off Amazon) and drive foot traffic to national retail stores. Added bonus; we crafted the data to compel the retailer to contribute to the media budget through the increase in foot traffic based on desire to purchase our products.

Our second highlighted project is for a Mutual Fund. We approached this account simply and directly, aiming our messaging and Thought Leadership at Financial Advisors. This integrated campaign integrates media; from social, digital ads/landing pages, Thought Leadership to email to web to conference strategy. The combine campaign is materially stronger than the sum of its parts.

We kicked this account off with a one-day workshop focused on positioning and messaging along with competitive positioning. We did not need a touch point map as we know this audience intimately, and we designed a new set of paths based on segmenting FAs based on familiarity to the firm, asset class and history of inclusion in their asset allocation models.

In this case we were afforded the opportunity to test messaging and creative along with our media approach. We are in the process of a larger roll out, optimized to our tests.

Our third highlighted project is actually more than one, a plethora of web sites. We are integrated marketers, meaning we leverage the most appropriate media to further our clients’ objectives. Yet we have many web sites in the works along with the ones launched already this year. Web sites remains the hub of communications. Responsive web sites means so much more than graphics adopting to phones, tablets, and desktops. It means understanding audiences, creating compelling stories and clear journeys for them to venture, and creating funnels to sell product or to capture leads. Since companies began developing web sites (in the 1990s), highly competitive firms and agencies like E5A have created sites that compel action, capture data, address multiple audience needs, even when there are a dozen identifiable constituencies. In addition to our strategy, writing and UI/UX, our work frequently involves technology. We regularly deploy content management systems, back-end databases, tracking, tagging, social links and data visualization.

Last, we want to simply list some of our other work: full development of marketing plans (two unrelated clients), numerous web sites, and digital ad/landing page combos. This is accompanied by presentation series (initial, full diligence, finals), direct, radio, outdoor, mobile apps and lots of collateral. Clients range from hedge, mutual private equity and closed-end funds, online brokerage, insurance, investment and merchant banking, publishing, to consumer products, technology, professional services and entertainment.

Ultimately, we focus our efforts on raising revenue, raising assets or funds or aligning company priorities with internal and external positioning and messaging.

We are described as easy to work with. This is due to our deep research and industry knowledge. We invest the time to understand your suppliers, distribution partners, influencers and of course clients or customers. Our process minimizes your time and that of your staff while maximizing collaboration where optimal.

Solid positioning + precision targeting + compelling creative = optimal results.

Here’s to a productive second half of 2014!

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