Mar. 2014

Investments – Browser Tabs We Can’t Seem to Close

It’s a real combination of things; so busy with client projects, having so much reading for clients, and as a firm having to cover so many sectors. We read daily about media, fin tech, media tech, investing brokerage, insurance, FX etc. its hard even with interns and monitoring software to cover everything. Tonight I found myself with the same tabs open. This means its time to hunker down, read and share so good links ranging from retail to institutional to advisor channels.

Liquid Alts Catch the Attention of Retail and Institutions

This is clearly the fastest growing segment in mutual fund land. Its where alts and tradition firms meet when it comes to distribution and is keeping us busy as well.

LA Fire & Police to interview 9 managers of emerging managers

Seeing all 9 FoFs is unusual even within the public fund space. This appears to be long-only and the usual suspects are in the line up.

Private equity and venture capital top 15% for yearly returns, trail public markets

The big numbers have been put up by long-only equity and some hedge funds. These numbers are above historic norms. Do I hear a non-correlated pitch?

The Case for Emerging Market Debt is Improving – 2014


Shall we call this one man’s opinion? Just kidding, there are some insightful points made here.

17 companies set pension contributions totaling $10 billion for 2014


Simply put, for everyone who had called the death watch for DB, think again.

Exxon Mobil fueling pension funds with $2.2 billion in 2014

GE to contribute $1.33 billion to pension plans in 2014

Large multinationals are part of that DB contribution group.

Where America’s Millionaires Call Home
http://bit.ly/1oH6ihs – by zip

http://bit.ly/1ij0c5f – by state

It is shocking that that on a per capita basis it’s Maryland on top with NY and CA way down the list. One breakdown is by zip for my fellow DM geeks.

Families going straight to asset owners to find buyers


If you are a real estate fund, this still may be good news if you are seeking alongside investors or seeking to divest a specific building / property.

China’s Shadow Banking Sector Poses Risk to Economy


OK not exactly news but this is a strong in depth look at the issues.

I hope you do not get a bleary-eyed as we do. A post to come soon will cover another sector.



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